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02 Oct '13

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Creative Update: Marketplace at Fells Point

Here’s a look at branding our studio just completed for the Marketplace at Fells Point, a community in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Baltimore.

The co-developers kept the beautiful exterior of the existing brick building while completely rebuilding the interior as a contemporary … Read More

21 Aug '13

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What Does Semantic Search Mean For Your Business?

Semantic search is the next big change that will drastically overhaul the world of digital marketing. What is semantic search? With semantics being the ‘the study of meaning’ or in layman’s terms, the meaning or interpretation of a word, ‘semantic … Read More

15 Aug '13

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Delucchi Plus Jumps to Sixth Top Agency in Washington, DC Market Area

We’re proud to announce that Delucchi Plus was named 6th top agency in the Washington Business Journal’s recent evaluation of the biggest advertising companies in the area. The ranking moves the agency two spots higher since our debut on the … Read More

12 Aug '13

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Twitter and the Media: Real-Time Public Relations

Media is no longer a one-way-street: gone are the days where you get your news from the paper, and then again from the nightly news. Media is cyclical. Consumers have taken hold of the media, and they want their say, … Read More