April 19, 2017

Unicorns Have Taken Over the Internet, Consumers Love It, and I’m Confused


Glitter. Rainbows. Various shades of muted pastels. More sparkles. Hearts. Flowers. More rainbows.

What do you get with all of these things combined? An internet trend that is bringing a mythical creature to life through an unexpected spectrum of consumer brands.

The unicorn trend may have surfaced in time with the 2016-2017 comeback of 90’s nostalgia in consumer products. Chokers and big hoop earrings are go-to accessories, Lisa Frank is no longer a thing of your childhood past, and it seems that millennials are embracing their elementary and middle school looks again.

With this unicorn trend, major consumer brands, publications and influencers are basing content and products off all the glitter and imagination that goes with the idea of unicorns. Unicorns have taken over the internet and it both intrigues and confuses me.

When we mean this unicorn trend has taken over consumer branding, we mean it can apply to everything. Seemingly no product or consumer good is off-limits. Makeup products, clothing, cocktails, coffee (and hot chocolate), pastries, bath bombs, shoes, accessories, phone cases, the list goes on. Some businesses have gone as far as to place unicorn products at the center of their focus, such as this immersive unicorn café in Thailand.

It must be something about personifying mythical creatures through branded products; creating mermaid, unicorn and anything rainbow-inspired has led to products that would make your five-year-old self squeal. Lifestyle influencers and publications alike are creating unicorn-focused content such as editorials on unicorn-inspired cosmetic looks or unicorn clothes/accessories. Magazines are having a field day with unicorn-inspired food and drink tutorials too, in case you wanted to learn how to make homemade unicorn cupcakes for your next friend/family gathering.

The trend is also extending into the clothing space, with companies such as Tarte, Forever 21, Top Shop and Mod Cloth getting in on the fun. However, an even bigger name in the consumer world threw its rainbow-colored hat in the ring this week by unveiling their own signature unicorn drink. Starbucks has introduced the Unicorn Frappuccino for a limited time to their drink menu. Unicorn-lovers and coffee-drinkers alike are freaking out.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.25.02 PM

This Frappuccino not only looks magical, but tastes magical too. It doesn’t stop at bright colors and delicious aesthetics — it also changes from sweet to sour as you sip. A few of our brave taste testers around the Delucchi office described it as having a distinctly mango taste. Magical, indeed.

If you need a little content inspiration, or are looking to shake things up in your consumer branding, look no further than unicorn-branded content. Go crazy with colors and glitter, because the internet is all over it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get some magical engagement numbers and gain some imaginative followers in the process.