April 23, 2015

4 Reasons To Throw Better Office Parties

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Lots of champagne bottles have been spotted around the office this week at Delucchi Plus. The PR team presented one to Brittanie in celebration of closing on her first condo. Christy received one adorned in pink wrap and ribbons, toasting to her surprise engagement to her boyfriend over the weekend. And just the other day, in commemoration of Administrative Professionals Day, I came into the office to find a bottle on my own desk with a lovely note from Chris, our fearless leader.

Besides the fact that we like to share a drink with one another, a key takeaway from this is that Delucchi Plus knows the importance of not only celebrating business and client wins, but of truly appreciating their employees and honoring all accomplishments and holidays, especially the personal ones.

In order to build a culture of excited teammates who are truly invested in each other’s work and accomplishments, it is crucial to care about the whole being, both during and after work hours. This includes recognizing birthdays, new babies and anniversaries, to name a few. Let’s review why:

1.    Morale Booster

Who doesn’t enjoy stepping away from their desk for a few minutes to celebrate with their colleagues? This short distraction will send employees back to work with a renewed vigor, enabling them to tackle a new project or solve a client issue with a smile. Also, the sugar rush from that massive sheet cake they shared should help for an hour or two.

2.    Positive Attention

Taking the time to recognize an individual’s special moment sends a clear message that you genuinely care about each of your employees as people. Make sure your company pays that special attention when deserved and you’ll be sure to retain your best employees longer.

This includes positive attention for you, too. Due to the power of word of mouth, there is no better recruiting tool than your current set of happy employees.

3.     Appropriate Motivation

Seeing a colleague in the limelight will motivate many to work harder, vying for their time in the spotlight. As important, the risk of not celebrating these life achievements could dangerously produce demotivation. If an employee only feels like a small cog in a massive corporate machine, you’re likely to see a drop in productivity as they focus on finding their next opportunity. 

4.    Team Spirit

Knowing that many days your employees are spending more time with their colleagues than their own families, it is crucial to create a team-oriented environment where everyone feels like they’re on the starting lineup.  Although annual or semi-annual corporate offsite meetings keep the team unified and focused on the same business goal, acknowledging the smaller milestones throughout life remind your staff why they get up each day excited to come to work.

As Gallup first reported in 2013, 70 percent of the American workforce is disengaged. That means that in a conference room of 10 of your employees, up to 7 are thinking that the grass is greener elsewhere. Don’t wait until it’s too late to acknowledge each of your employees’ contributions and be sure to celebrate their personal triumphs, too.

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