July 17, 2015

Agency Life: Office Style

Agency Life: Delucchi Office Style

With an office chock-full of trendsetting (albeit bashful) fashion visionaries, outfit inspiration is never hard to come by here at Delucchi. An understood business casual, but you-do-you dress code leaves everyone with a good amount of sovereignty when getting dressed in the morning and me eager to see what my coworkers throw together. Needless to say all this autonomy results in a wide assortment of uniquely constructed ensembles and an altogether eclectic office style. But, although everyone maintains a level of distinctiveness, there are a few recurring trends I’ve seen around the office. They range from midi rings, intricate braids, necklace layering, and leopard print to stripes, fun socks, color blocking, Birkenstocks, and of course that J Crew gingham shirt. Agency life stays pretty fresh.

So for all you avid blog readers surely curious to catch a glimpse of the inspired outfits of the masterminds behind your favorite posts, you’re in for a treat. For some Friday fun and necessary acknowledgment I’ve decided to highlight some popular looks around the office while recognizing just a few (of many!) Delucchi style mavens and innovators.

JEN KWON, Content Producer 

Describe your style in three words: Minimal, comfortable, edgy
Inspiration behind today’s ensemble: Summer Eurotrip
If you could style anybody, who would it be?: Famous toddlers — MINI EVERYTHING <3


ALI KEHOE, Copywriter

Describe your style in three words: Black, leopard, sweats.
Inspiration behind today’s ensemble: Low-key DJ going to a Rag & Bone show at NYFW
Most beloved item of clothing: My Elizabeth and James grey heather crop top


ALDEN LEONARD, Director of Research

Describe your style in three words: Lighthearted, classic, easy
Inspiration behind today’s ensemble: Dad at a summer BBQ
Biggest fashion faux pas you’ve ever committed: Post-college Jos A. Bank suits