May 23, 2017

Branding That Gives You Life: LIFEWTR


Disclaimer: I generally do not like bottled water, nor do I like bottled water branding. I think disposable water bottles are a serious a waste of plastic when you can drink right from the tap at home. I also feel as though the advertising for these products is usually pretty arrogant; their branding relies on the concept of how one brand’s water is far superior to their competitors, when in actuality, they are probably from the same filtered hose.

Truth be told, I cannot be trusted with real water bottles. I am constantly leaving them places or losing them, so I occasionally buy wasteful plastic water bottles, and reuse them more than I probably should. When I do opt to buy a disposable bottle, I usually reach for Smart Water because of their aggressively sized liters of water. However, in a moment of weakness this past Sunday when I was parched, I reached for a new bottle whose branding is so beautiful I could not pass it up.

You have probably seen their first TV commercial looming around your program of choice – it is pretty hard to miss because it is filled with bright colors and the gorgeous sounds of John Legend playing in the background. LIFEWTR is one of my new favorite brands not only because of their beautiful brand design, but also because of their mission to inspire.

“LIFEWTR believes inspiration is as essential to life as water, because it moves us forward by unleashing our creative potential.” My inner copywriter is geeking. I am in love with that tagline; they do a great job of connecting their product and brand mission to something that consumers can relate to: art. It’s powerful, emotional and for a bottle of water, pretty darn inspiring.

Every three months, LIFEWTR comes out with three signature bottles that feature original designs by three different artists. Each design has a bio about each artist, a few sentences about where their work has been featured, and their personal interests in design. LIFEWTR brands their products in a way that shows that they not only care about art and artists, but also about their consumers.

LIFEWTR’s social media captions and content have no shortage of inspiration, either. Their Instagram content displays assorted shots of their product mixed in with murals and just plain art without the need for product placement. Their captions also quite lovely, and often focus on artists as well as their passions and inspirations. On posts where their water bottles do make an appearance, the composition is nothing short of gorgeous and colorful.

Running with the hashtag #MoreInspired, LIFEWTR encourages its consumers to take part in making art and cultivating inspiration from the world around them. Using the design created by LIFEWTR series 1 artist, Craig & Karl, consumers can download the bottle design to their phone to create their own selfie using the featured LIFEWTR design.

More than just art for advertising’s sake, LIFEWTR has successfully created a brand strategy and brand design that encourages artists, art lovers, and everyday consumers alike to stay hydrated and stay inspired.