October 20, 2016

Brands We Love: Suja Juice


Suja Juice wanted to spread the word about its new “Midnight Tonic” black charcoal juice, but it had a  limited marketing budget in a heavily saturated juicing market. So, to create buzz among consumers, media and influencers about the new drink and say “thank you” to its followers, Suja sent the limited edition product to loyal influencers and celebrities who were already following the brand.

In an article to Adweek, Suja Juice CMO Heather MacNeil Cox explained, “We chose influencers that have been organic fans of the brand since the beginning, people that love and drink Suja on their own. The Midnight Tonic surprise shipment was a way to thank them for their support, and also re-engage them in a conversation about something new and cool.”

Organic juice fans sparking organic engagement – that’s a campaign we can get behind. Check out how these celebs said “thank you” for their surprise shipment!

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So was Suja’s celebrity giveaway a success?

We sure think so! The campaign has generated over 13 million social impressions, and the limited edition drink — of which only 1,000 bottles were available — crashed the site and sold out within three days! That’s an amazing ROI considering that Suja’s only real investment was making and shipping the product. No endorsements were paid for.

We can’t get enough of how Suja used out-of-the-box thinking (literally!) to help break through the saturated juicing market and because of that, they are one of the brands we love!