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6 Eye-Catching Startups at Y-Combinator’s Demo Day

This week marked the 24th Demo Day for Y-Combinator, a company that provides seed funding for startups; the earliest stage of venture funding. Dubbed by Fast Company as “the world’s most powerful tech startup incubator,” Y-Combinator not only invests in … Read More

Fitness Fads: The Branding Behind the Consumer Craze

Photo by @soulcycle

I love fitness classes; as a somewhat easily influenced consumer, I love the idea that every time I go to a fitness class, I might be (probably not) getting one step closer to looking (and feeling?) … Read More


If you’ve read a newspaper, watched a TV or talked to a human being in the past year, you may have noticed that we’re living in a fairly politically charged time in which many and most divisive social issues … Read More

More Maplier: The Maple Guild Wins NEXTY Award for Maple Vinegar

Congratulations to our client, The Maple Guild! The largest single-source producer of organic Vermont-made maple syrup is now the proud owner of back-to-back “Best New Condiment” NEXTY awards from New Hope Network’s Natural Products Expo. After taking home the … Read More