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Delucchi University Recap: Now Trending in Consumer Packaged Goods

In this week’s Delucchi University, our ongoing internal education program, Vice President of Content Strategy, Lauren Sloat, and Account Supervisor, Christy Turrissini, spoke to us about trends, both past and present, in the consumer packaged goods industry.

We first looked … Read More

Delucchi University: The Art of Brand Storytelling Through Experiential Marketing

Through the ever-growing social media landscape, marketing agencies and creatives like us are keeping an eye out for the next big marketing tools. At today’s Delucchi University, we dove into the world of virtual reality, augmented reality and 360-degree … Read More

Delucchi University: Algorithm Rhythm

What goes on behind the scenes in digital strategy is intricate and complex. At today’s Delucchi University, we got the inside scoop on algorithms from our Senior Search Marketing Analyst, Eric Jessell, who works with algorithms on a daily basis … Read More

Delucchi University: Time Management — Handling Workload and Life

Working at an agency and managing multiple clients can get tough when it comes to multi-tasking and managing our time. And today, this is where our Chief People Officer, Patty Delk, came in to offer us some tips (and … Read More