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Delucchi University: What You Need to Know About Today’s D.C. Real Estate

This week’s Delucchi University covered a concept we hold near and dear to our hearts — real estate. Our industry mavens Emily and Natalie took to the stage to shed light on which D.C. neighborhoods are becoming exciting hotspots for real … Read More

Delucchi University Recap: Presentation Skills

This week we welcomed guest presenter Kalani Thomas, Founder & President of Singularity Services and The Help Desk Sales, to talk to us about Presentation Skills.

Kalani, who has been in sales since age 14, began the interactive … Read More

Delucchi U Recap: The Rules of Engagement – Social Media Community Management

In this week’s Delucchi University, Matt and Meg filled us in on how to maneuver community engagement on social media. Right off the bat these two showed that they could engage an audience by quizzing the group on just what … Read More

Delucchi University Recap: Maximizing Your Marketing Investment Through Insights

This week’s Delucchi University heard from our very own Director of Strategy and Insights, Greer Kimsey. While research and insights have been a vital part of the Delucchi Plus branding and marketing process, we’ve been refining our insights offerings … Read More