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Apple Music Shouldn’t Exist, But I’ll Still End Up Using It

Apple Music Shouldn’t Exist

While the iPod, iTunes and the iTunes music store rescued Apple from being a niche player (and possibly from extinction) and started it on its trajectory to being the most valuable company in the world, Apple … Read More

Evolving Emojis Are All Part of Apple’s Plan

People are using emojis in their texts so often that we might be about three or four Apple OS updates away from reverting back to using hieroglyphics. Emojis are developing, and Apple’s most recent update, iOS 8.3, features emoticons … Read More

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Logo Breaks The Internet

When announcing her presidential campaign this past Sunday, Hillary Clinton also unveiled her new logo to go along with it – a bold blue “H” with a red arrow pointing to the right. The arrow in her logo, which … Read More

In Defense of the Doodle

Long disregarded as the byproduct of a boring meeting, the doodle is getting its due as a legitimate and productive approach to problem solving.

According to the Wall Street Journal, recent research shows that doodling helps the brain with memory … Read More