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Trending: Your Animal Companions Can be Influencers Too

Meet Bodhi, the furry face behind the burgeoning new social accounts, Menswear Dog. Bodhi has his own style book with 5-star reviews and brands like J. Crew and Banana Republic in his fashion repertoire. Bodhi’s also mastered the most … Read More

Virtual Reality Gold Rush: How Consumer Brands are Using VR

In a world where technology is growing at exponential rates, marketers and brands are now trying to wrap their heads around virtual reality. What started as something geared towards the gaming industry is now presenting itself as a useful … Read More

The NBA Scores With Its Snapchat Strategy

After a successful partnership in 2016, the NBA is continuing to shoot for Snapchat to create behind-the-scenes content covering various games and events. For sports organizations like the NBA, Snapchat is the perfect tool for enhancing fan experiences and giving fans … Read More

Marketing Engagement: A Strategy on a Zero Budget

The Ice Bucket Challenge. #NOH8. Even the 2008 presidential election.

Moments like these remind us that marketing success does not necessarily need multimillion-dollar investments, flashy marketing tools or complicated technologies. Technologies these days can allow us to market to … Read More