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Mash Up: Creatively Combining Research Tools

Our favorite in-house resource for measuring online conversations is Sysomos. Sysomos is sort of like a search engine for online content — including blogs (like Tumblr), forums (like Reddit), traditional news, and social media — but with lots of … Read More

See Red: YouTube Enters the Subscription Streaming Melee

Rumors have swirled, YouTube has been operating at a financial loss, and it eventually became clear to both content creators and the platform: something about YouTube has needed to give way. Change has seemingly arrived in the form of YouTube … Read More

How Big Tech Companies Are Teaching Kids to Code

Computers, smartphones and tablets aren’t going anywhere. To keep up with the growing demand for newer and smarter tech devices, more companies are hopping on the programming bandwagon and marketing tech coding to kids. The hope behind this tech … Read More

Hot Off the Press! Digital Trends Report: Volume Three

Thirsty for thought leadership? Check out our latest Digital Trends Report, in which I examine the boom in brands producing and publishing their own content.

What’s causing this content-driven shift? What are some examples of brands doing it well? … Read More