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Five Reasons Behind the Birkenstock Revival

I am not the first, and will surely not be the last, to write about the resurgence of the humble Birkenstock. Nevertheless, I’ll throw my two cents in because I have never (or ever, really) been so excited about a … Read More

MikMak: The Modernization of Infomercials

MikMak is a new app that’s hoping to  be the next generation of mobile e-commerce. As simply explained on the company’s website, “MikMak is an iOS app that lets you shop super short infomercials that we call minimericals.” The … Read More

Audience Targeting In Magazine Ads

When I am not hanging at “the Plus,” I am a student at the University of Maryland. In my Sports Marketing class at UMD, we spent a class period discussing advertising in magazines. Each student was handed a different … Read More

A Deep Dive Into The Apple Watch

This is something I know that is on just about everyone’s mind: that damn watch.

Is it something that we need? Will it replace the watch all together?

I love watches and what they do, how they are crafted … Read More