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How Wimbledon is Serving Aces in its Social Media

Growing up on the far side of the Atlantic Ocean in a small town just outside of London, the advent of summer meant three things to me: a potential break from the incessant rain, the upcoming school holidays, and … Read More

Instagram Captions That Should Retire

Here it is, a picture-perfect moment. The lighting is great, the scenery is great, or hey, maybe even your outfit is great. Whatever it may be that makes this a great time for a picture, you know that after … Read More

3 Social Media Predictions in 2017

Just when we thought the dust had settled after a crazy year in social media, Instagram announced an expansion on its Stories feature last week. In the near future, content marketing teams will have the ability to view insights … Read More

The Best and Worst of Social Media in 2016

We’re all exhausted at Delucchi Plus. Our fingers hurt from tapping through the never-ending Stories. Some of us are going through quarter-life crises because the countless updates have us feeling really, really old. If you’re in the business of … Read More