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How We Combined Puppies and Peak Blooms to Land a Morning Talk Show

Sometimes a day in the office means a day at the Tidal Basin with fashionably paw-some puppies. Or at least, at Delucchi Plus it does. Last week, the PR team headed to the Tidal Basin to help coordinate the … Read More

The End of An Instagram Era (Or, How Everyone Prematurely Freaks Out… Again)

In case you haven’t heard (or aren’t a user of social media, or possibly live somewhere so far off the grid that you can’t receive internet service of any kind), Instagram announced that it would be tweaking … Read More

Google Blogger Best Practices

On Friday, Google posted an update to their Webmaster Central Blog about best practices for bloggers reviewing free products they receive from companies. The post includes just 3 “best practices,” two of which are essentially common sense, but the … Read More

The (Almost) Spring Playlist

Winter is beginning to wind down, which means it’s time to thaw out and celebrate the sunny days ahead. I asked Delucchians to suggest some of their favorite springtime music (and added some personal favorites), for a fun mix … Read More