February 21, 2017

More Than a Workspace: Delucchi Plus Desk Style


Desks—we love them, we hate them, we stare at them for 8 hours a day and inevitably, we make them our own. While interning at Delucchi two summers ago, my desk was, remorsefully, completely devoid of any personality. But now that I’m here to stay, I’ve done a complete 180, bringing in polaroids from the good ole college days, lopsided products of the pottery class I’m currently taking, and the sweetest little succulents you ever did see (because everyone knows tiny plants are key to a happy work space), making my space my own little sanctuary. But enough about me and my desk.

Here at Delucchi there are a few staples you can find on the bureaus of many: S’wells, because we like our water cold and our coffee hot; blankets or blanket-sized scarfs, because it’s always just a liiiiittle too chilly in here; humidifiers, because the only thing worse than cold skin is dry skin; various awards, because we’re accomplished AF; and of course a few personal photos, because we have friends and family too. And, if you do find yourself strolling the halls of Delucchi, you will also unavoidably discover the nuanced touches each of my creative, quirky, and all-around brilliant coworkers adds to their individual space. So, while I wish I could spotlight the desks of all my passionate and design-savvy peers, here’s a sneak peek into just a few of your favorite Delucchians’ desk-homes away from home.

First up, Greer, our lovely Director of Strategy and Insights with a knack for interior design and putting the rest of our desks to shame:


Your desk in three words: “more is more”

Favorite item on desk: “the bottle of scotch hidden in my cubby”

Do you work best in a perfectly pristine or slightly cluttered space?: “a balance of neat and cluttered – controlled chaos”

Next, Content Producer, Miami native, film studies major and all-around cool girl Diana:


Your desk in three words: “quirky, comfortable and friendly”

Favorite item on desk: “my dinosaur terrarium”

Whose desk do you envy most at Delucchi?: “yours!” (disclaimer, I may have given her $5 to say that but, I mean, regardless.)

And finally, our Director of Digital Strategy Jonathan, who has previously described his own space as “kind of a serial killer’s desk—and not the hot billionaire out for kicks kind of serial killer”:


Your desk in three words: “my organized chaos”

Favorite item on desk: “the random folded paper napkin that I’ve been using as a coaster for like 6 months”

If you could have your desk flipped by any HGTV star, who would it be?: “Christina El Moussa: She never needed Tarek and my desk could be just the project that she needs to prove she’s a [strong, independent woman] who doesn’t need a man to take care of her.”

So there you have it! A glimpse at our desks — from cute and quirky, to minimalistic and organized, to (at times) straight up post-apocalyptic. Whoever their owner, whatever their aesthetic, no matter how personal or impersonal — looking at you Clark — we love them and occasionally don’t mind sitting at them.