June 24, 2015

Delucchi Plus Drops A New Track: Our Insights Product Line!


Over here at the Delucchi offices, we’ve been cooking up something we’re really excited to announce: our Insights product line! As a part of our mission to empower clients with information, this product offers an analytic, actionable approach to data.

At Delucchi Plus, we really believe that research is the cornerstone of a great brand strategy. Our new Insights package offers not only a range of research products, but also the thoughtful analysis to provide context and actionable next steps for our clients. In turn, this research informs the rest of our disciplines like branding, website design, online advertising, and content strategy, empowering clients to maximize their marketing investment. Specifically, our Insights research services include:

  • Online Positioning
  • Competitive Review
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Audience Identification

Insights offers informed communication tools in the form of webinars, public speaking, and a bimonthly digital trends report, in which we — and sometimes guest experts! — discuss timely industry topics. Starting today, the first digital trends report can be downloaded from right here on our blog— click for our first Digital Trends Report!

Our chief research maven, Patty is super excited to be offering this new product package to our clients. “Our mission is to empower our clients, colleagues and partners with information, which we’re doing through actionable insights that drive successful marketing campaigns, as well as straight-shooting educational materials that break through the cluttered digital trends dialogue.”

Learn more about our Insights over on our services page, and stay tuned for our  digital trends report, which we’ll publish right here!

Click to download Delucchi Plus’ Inaugural Digital Trend Report.