April 13, 2017

Delucchi U: Utilizing Mindfulness in the Workplace


Feeling tense? Do you even feel that you can’t grab hold of your thoughts long enough to fully comprehend how you are feeling or what you are doing? In the workplace, and in life, we have all been there. Sometimes projects move forward in the blink of an eye, and stress can begin to impact your creativity and ability to work effectively in the office.

Today at Delucchi U, we were visited by instructor and life coach Joe Mauricio from Recharj DC, a modern meditation and power nap studio that aims to help people become mindful of their thoughts and feelings, and to acknowledge our actions in real time.

One of the core ideas of Recharj is to bring the idea of awareness and intelligence into the workplace. Not intelligence in terms of smarts – of course we have smart, hardworking people in our offices – but intelligence in terms of being aware and taking notice of what is going on in our lives and immediate environment. Harnessing the tool of mindfulness is key to working effectively as a team, as a business and, most importantly, in life.

When it comes to our thought processes, we tend to be at odds with our minds. The brain has a whole lot of ideas, and is very ambitious; however, as a society sometimes we feel we need to separate our feelings from the office. Joe explained that we need to instead bring our own self-care into the equation, so we can communicate with people instead of intimidate. By using mindfulness in the office and within company culture, we can better navigate distraction and come back to our goals.

When it comes to meditation, it can take a while to practice, but even monitoring your thoughts and breathing 5 to 10 minutes a day can lead to purposeful habits. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help you reach a creative mindset, while also making you aware of your own needs in a given moment. If you are speaking and working out of tension, you are not working effectively, Joe noted. But if you are able to release your mind, you can access bold new creative ideas.

In your daily practice, the most important thing to note is acknowledging what works best for you. Some people require more movement, but sitting quietly at your desk, acknowledging tension in your body and mind for a few minutes, can provide a huge boost to your day. As Joe explained, sometimes we all just need a little break – for a quick exercise on this, try stepping away and noticing your breathing for five seconds. You never know what new ideas could flow through when you just let yourself relax.