October 19, 2015

Delucchi University: Back in Session!


Sharpen your pencils, shine that apple and put on your thinking caps: It’s officially back-to-school season for the learned pupils of Delucchi University! (Pictured above: The “celeb” instructors from our Copywriting 101 session: our resident Copy Cat, F. Scott Fitzgerald, undercover copywriter Hugh Hefner, and Peggy Olson of Sterling Cooper & Partners). These peer-taught classes are open to all employees (and clients upon request!) and focus on emerging industry trends, best practices, and cross-training in communications disciplines and subject matters to keep the whole team well-rounded and on their toes. While we’re proud to have subject matter experts across a variety of services — from market research + insights and branding strategy to creative + content development, digital marketing and public relations — one of our strengths is a multidisciplinary team that truly understands the value of an integrated paid, earned, owned and shared media strategy… and how all of our services work together. Delucchi University is one way we stay well-rounded and always ahead of the curve.

This season, we are excited to be featuring the following sessions:

Strategy + Insights Product Overview

Presenters: Alden + Patty

Description: Anybody can do research, but not everybody can deliver insights. Context is key for successful marketing strategies — and our comprehensive Strategy & Insights products help clients make the most of their  investment with an analytical and actionable approach to data.  But there’s a science to this sales pitch: This session will walk through the main products we sell, with examples and feedback on how they’ve been received.

Objective: Alignment — After attending this session, you will have a deep understanding of our Research + Insights products, understand how each has been leveraged and differentiate between our three package options.

Cool Like Katniss: Using Social to Hit Your Target

Presenter: Sally

Description: Dive into the depths of the world of social targeting. This will cover Facebook ad and boosted post targeting as well as Twitter and Instagram.

Objective: Cross-training — After attending this session, you will be able to speak fluently about the many targeting options on social media and make recommendations about how to reach specific audiences on mainstream social platforms.

Proof is in the Pi: Using Analytics Data to Inform Strategy + Provide Value

Presenter: Jonathan

Description:  This workshop will guide participants through how to deliver insights with analytics. We’ll put on our detective hats and journey through the exciting world of website analytics!

Objective: Cross Training — After attending this session, you will have a deeper understanding of how to utilize analytics data to inform strategy and provide value.