October 6, 2016

Delucchi University: Meditation and Mindfulness with Guest Jennifer Stanley

Here at Delucchi, we’re big proponents of taking necessary breaks. At this week’s Delucchi U, we hosted outside guest and member of D.C.’s Insight Meditation Society, Jennifer Stanley, to learn about various meditation practices and their benefits.

As Jennifer guided us through various meditations, we learned how to focus on our breath through focused attention meditation. Between meditations, Stanley encouraged us to live with mindful self-compassion, which can help improve emotional strength and allow us to truly see ourselves. We learned that meditation can actually train the mind to be more flexible and increase our own self-awareness.

For those of us who are jam-packed with work, Jennifer’s presentation was the perfect way to relax our minds and focus on not clinging to any outside stressors. She encouraged us by saying, “If you want to learn about your mind, sit down and observe it.” After this Delucchi U, we left the conference room in a more serene state of mind and with the reassurance that it’s impossible to fail at meditation.