July 15, 2016

Delucchi University Recap: Maximizing Your Marketing Investment Through Insights


This week’s Delucchi University heard from our very own Director of Strategy and Insights, Greer Kimsey. While research and insights have been a vital part of the Delucchi Plus branding and marketing process, we’ve been refining our insights offerings to keep up with market trends and incorporate new tools. Today Greer took us on a deep dive into our product set and how to use each to best serve our clients – highlighting the importance of making decisions based on insights drawn from research, instead of based on hunches and personal preferences.


The full set of products we offer includes:

  • Competitive Reviews
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Audience Identification
  • Online Positioning
  • Thought Leadership


We learned about how these offerings can be mixed, matched and plus-ed into different packages that can provide different levels of insight to clients for their specific business needs.


Through insights, we can help clients to identify their ideal audience, how they’re ranking on social and search platforms, how their biggest competitors are using marketing and messaging and how potential consumers feel about various hot-button issues. We can also determine demographics, psychographics and other relevant information about their consumers. The key takeaway: insights can create a much more vibrant picture of a brand’s competitive landscape than research and data alone, and can provide actionable recommendations to drive marketing in an efficient and strategic direction.


Interested in learning more about these services and how we leverage insights to inform branding and marketing decisions? Email Greer at!