October 23, 2014

Energy Management 101: Vampires Beware

a2276458018_10Delucchi Nation recently had the opportunity to spend two hours with Greg Conderacci from Good Ground Consulting in Baltimore, who boldly proclaimed himself a 65 year old that is “nothing special physically.” Most would disagree after reviewing his extensive list of physical feats, which recently include biking 500 miles in 40 hours, climbing Mount Everest twice, biking across the US in 26 days (that’s 130 miles a day!), and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Despite his fitness, Greg has a self-diagnosed problem: He’s an energy addict. According to Greg, time management is an antiquated term in this day in age: Who really has an abundance of free time that they’re struggling to manage?  Today our most precious commodity is our energy, and Greg taught us to to focus, increase, and leverage this asset for maximum productivity.

First Greg taught us about focus. You cannot get more time in your day, but you can focus your efforts to use your energy wisely. Map out your personal levels of energy on a typical day and tailor your task list accordingly. Are you a morning person who dreads combing out your email inbox? Use your most energized morning hours to work on projects that require your full attention and creativity, and use your afternoon time (possibly in your post-lunch food coma) to complete low-energy tasks like replying to emails and reassessing your todo list.

Secondly, strive to increase your energy levels for a spike in productivity. One easy way to do this is to manage colleagues who deplete your energy levels. We all have experience working with time-sucking coworkers, who Greg dubbed “energy vampires.” Vampires are known to avoid change, constantly look at the negative aspect of tasks or projects, and generally think it’s  impossible to complete a given project in time. You can change their attitude and better manage “vampire meetings” by bringing energy to the room, inviting other energetic players to the table, and killing the vampires with kindness.

Finally, you can better leverage your energy by understanding the different types of energy, known as PIES: physical energy, intellectual energy, emotional energy, and spiritual energy. Basic concepts like eating well, remaining organized and focusing on the positive aspects of life are easy ways to make the most of your physical, intellectual and emotional energy, respectively. Spiritual energy is trickier. Here you should ask “why” you’re doing a particular task, assessing how passionate you are about the outcome or purpose of the assignment. Ask yourself, “what fuels me?” At Delucchi Plus, we’re fueled by a vision to inspire people and businesses to find their voice, live their truth and transform the way they communicate, empowering them to grow and change the world. We remain energized by knowing we are each a piece of the puzzle that ultimately makes a measurable difference in the businesses and lives of our clients.

Remember, while staring down at your ever-growing task list, be mindful of the energy it will take to accomplish your work, not the time. Do as Greg taught us, and invest your time in what you and your organization care about most. With a positive outlook and the passion to succeed, you will see your relationships and free time grow as a result.