February 5, 2014

Facebook Celebrates 10 Years — by Celebrating the User


It’s incredible to believe that Facebook turned 10 yesterday. 10 years is a long time – a decade of statuses, wall posts, countless picture uploads, and numerous situations in which I found myself trying to figure out what a ‘poke’ really meant.

Think back to 2004: What did your life look like back then? What did YOU look like back then? What kinds of things did you post/would you have posted in 2004?

Facebook took advantage of this nostalgia yesterday as it thanked its 1.23 billion members with a product that celebrates our social-networking footprint: Look Back.

Set to music perfect for a nostalgic moment, Look Back is designed to be a sentimental experience. The feature consists of a short movie, tailored for each user to show their 20 most important Facebook moments – it’s definitely stirred up a lot of emotions on my News Feed for a Tuesday. (“I almost cried! Cheesy just like me.” – a Facebook friend that shall remain anonymous.)

Happy Birthday, Facebook! Thanks for the memories.