October 27, 2015

Our Favorite Fit-Fluencers


Whether it’s sweaty selfies, impressive fitness feats, and filtered “fitspo” quotes, inspiration for healthy living is now only simple swipe away.  It should come as no surprise considering the platform now boasts 400 million active users with 80 million photos shared per day.  But with the sheer volume of content floating through our feeds it’s difficult to find high-quality, fun and fit-minded folks without falling down a rabbit hole.  Luckily, we did the digging for you, and scoped the best bets for fitness feeds:

Best Brand Bets


Equinox provides a solid mix of promotional posts, expertise and motivational quotes which flow daily from one of our favorite fitness ::ahem:: lifestyle brands Bonus: #EquinoxMadeMeDoIt campaign exclusives

UnderArmour Women 

Perfect lines and postured models won’t be found in this feed as Underarmour Women only features female athletes in motion. Why? We’ll let them explain the creative decision:

Our story isn’t told through a press release or social post. 

It’s dripping down our backs – each drop a declaration to prove

that the space between woman and athlete is no space at all. #WeWillWhatWeWant

Best Aspirational Bets

Karena KatrinaTone It Up 

Karena and Katrina are the So-Cal gals turned reality TV stars of “Tone It Up.” Using their shared Insta account, the two flaunt flawless beach bods and behind-the-scenes footage of their fitness empire.

Dylan Werner Yoga 

LA-based inversion and arm balance expert, Dylan Werner provides stunning photos, personal stories and even a few pointers for your favorite yoga pose.

Best Local Bets

Ingrid Nelson 

Ingrid was voted best trainer in D.C., it’s no wonder she has one of the best insta flows to follow too. Personal pics, inspo quotes and lean muscles to boot make Ingrid’s feed an instant crowd favorite.

Dorothy Beal | Miles Post 

Creator of #irunthisbody, and a 30x marathoner, Dorothy is a darling in the D.C. running groups and a personal fave at Delucchi Plus. Follow if you’re looking for tips, tricks, giveaways and of course #realtalk on running.