May 21, 2014

Food Lovers Unite On Instagram + Pinterest

My name is Christy and I’m addicted to food. Last week our office hosted a pizza party, and you better believe my cube-mate Greer and I were first in line to dive-in, navigating the social qualms by politely asking how we could help before going three-deep in slices of cheesy goodness. Honestly, it doesn’t matter the food – pizza, burgers, salads, milkshakes – they are all winning in my book. At any given moment you could walk by our cube and hear discussions about lunch, dinner, encouragement to go for that extra cookie, you name it – when food is involved nothing is off the table.

Knowing that there are many more foodies out there like us, how do we reach this large market? Instagram and Pinterest.

Over the weekend I found one of the greatest Instagram collections of all time – GirlEatWorld. This Instagrammer is taking photos of street eats all over the world, and the backdrops are incredible. Snapping a pic of a Hello Kitty donut at the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo or a chocolate chip cookie at Big Ben – her following has reached over 6,000 and growing. Why? Her content is creative and relevant. Everyone loves food, and while I may think the pictures of my Blue Apron creations take the cake, they are nothing compared to this documented greatness.

Pinterest is a gold-mine filled with images of healthy cookies and cream popsicles, garlic mushroom quinoa and white chicken and cheese lasagna, just to name a few. Brands like Southern Living, Bon Appetit and Cooking Light are constantly posting pin-worthy recipes and have me yearning for more. If your brand has content that a user finds compelling, interesting and it is paired with a good image – you are setting yourself up for success on Pinterest. If you want more suggestions, our in-house pin-aholic Whitney provided some great tips in her March post about optimizing.

No matter what your goal is – everybody loves food and it’s time we appeal to the foodies!