May 7, 2015

The Google Gods To Bring Cell Service


(Photo: “Hello Operator,” by Flickr user Derek Olson, via Attribution 2.0 license)

A few weeks ago Google announced yet another service to add to its collection of magic beans: Project Fi. Project Fi is Google’s solution to a cell phone network service, which could shake up the cell phone industry. Essentially it is the result of Google’s collaboration with two wireless telecommunication providers to offer consumers the ability to use mobile data and make phone calls through a cloud connection. If this wireless service proves to be a success with consumers, major telecommunication companies will have to prepare to take on the Google giant.

What started off as a search engine, Google has grown its foothold across various technology-related industries by offering long list of products and services. The company has solutions for nearly every Internet industry; such as Chrome for Internet browsers, Chromecast for streaming, Google Wallet for mobile payments, and even Google Fiber for Internet connections, among others. With its numerous products and services, Project Fi is a natural progression for Google to enter into a new territory by offering an affordable, more open cell phone network for consumers.

While this project’s more open wireless network and an affordable data pricing sounds appealing, there are setbacks that could prevent it from growing its beanstalk to greater heights. For instance, as of now Project Fi only works on Google’s Nexus 6 cell phone, which automatically eliminates those brand-loyal iPhone users.

Should wireless carriers rush to form an action plan to combat this move and secure their place in the market? Probably not at this stage in its development, but that doesn’t mean this should be ignored and brushed aside.