August 12, 2014

How To Get Beyoncé to Comment on Your Facebook Status

8.12 krysten

Social networks have made the gap between celebrities and fans smaller than ever. Instead of press releases, some celebs have started tweeting their sentiments in 140 characters or less, undoubtedly to the dismay of their publicists.

A new Facebook tool called Facebook Mentions aims to make that gap even smaller. Launched last month, the app is available exclusively to public figures and celebrities with verified pages. So far, Whoopi Goldberg, New Orleans Saint Thomas Morstead and Samuel L. Jackson have used the app, and the results have been pretty comical.

If you’re interested in letting your favorite celebrities see your adoring (or trash talking) Facebook posts, here’s how:

Step 1: Make your profile public.

Step 2: Post to Facebook and link to the celebrity’s Facebook site.

Boom. You’re done!

While there is no word as to whether or not Beyoncé has downloaded the app, wouldn’t it be cool to post about how you’ve listened to her latest album for the hundredth time and hear something back from the Queen herself?

A girl can dream.