January 9, 2015

New Year, Better Branding: 5 Tips for Strengthening Your Brand

1.9 Olivia


(Photo credit: “Happy New Year,” by flickr user Amodiovalerio Verde, via the Attribution License 2.0)

A new year means a clean slate. What better way to jump into 2015 then strengthening your brand across all channels? Whether it’s a small business or a large business, having a solid brand is vital for lasting success and impact.

  1. VISUALS: Nothing is more important that having a consistent look and feel for your brand, and that starts by creating a logo that truly represents your business. Choose colors and treatments that reflect how you want your customers to feel, and make sure to always be consistent. Your logo should always be clearly visible so it is engrained in your customer’s minds when they hear your name.
  2. TAGLINE: This is the opportunity for a brand to sell its services in just a phrase. A good tagline is memorable and to the point – “The most trusted name in news” – CNN.
  3. SMART MARKETING: Never assume you know who your audience is until you’ve done your research! It’s important to study your competitors and audit their businesses in comparison to your own. Find something that sets your company apart from the rest, and promote those features to your audience. Incentives sell! Why should your potential customers choose you over your competitors? Make it easy for them and include a strong incentive – think free shipping from Amazon.
  4. ONLINE PRESENCE: No matter how large or small your business is, an online presence is key. Not only is it more affordable than traditional media, but it’s also highly accessible and efficient. Establish a website that features your product and services while using engaging visuals and messaging to keep your customer on your page as long as possible. Create social media profiles and use them consistently. Social media is a great way to stay relevant and active with your customers and even better for gaining new followers with the goal of turning them into your future customers.
  5. GIVING BACK: Getting your company involved in the community is a valuable way to create buzz around your brand. When a company becomes relatable to its customer, it’s customer builds trust with the brand. Brands that have set the bar high for charitable contributions are companies like TOMS and Warby Parker. But don’t be intimidated, even small-scale contributions make a big difference – start small but aim high!

With these in mind, your brand is sure to experience newfound customer loyalty.