Caroline Bennett


By day, Caroline lives her life as an award-winning copywriter, but by night this unassuming scribe takes it to the stage as a competitive karaoke superstar — and professional lover and consumer of fancy cheeses. Calling D.C. home since 2008, Caroline most recently served as a copywriter at CEB and has previously written for the Motley Fool and Daily Finance. “I discovered I loved getting paid to write bad puns,” says Caroline, of her former freelance gigs, “and have since turned that dream into a career — with health insurance!”

Art is supposed to punch you in the brain, and it’s supposed to stay punched.

-Marc Maron

As our in-house wordsmith, Caroline is intimately aware of how concise communication plays a role in brand development. “It’s hugely important in helping companies figure out their identity — without that, they’ll be lost!” she says. When not creating snappy copy for clients or belting out Broadway tunes in the karaoke finals, you may find her listening to a favorite podcast (WTF, Invisibilia and The New Yorker Radio Hour top the list) or enjoying a bourbon on the rocks much like Peggy Olson, personal hero and famed fictional copywriter. “But unlike Peggy,” she adds, “I don’t drink it at work.” During business hours, it’s strictly black coffee…or an Americano on fancy Fridays.