Caroline Grady

Business Development Representative

Caroline’s experience as a real estate property manager makes her look great on paper as our business development representative. But her savvy style, irrepressible persistence and always-positive attitude make her amazing to come to work with every day. That positivity can’t help but sneak out when she talks about her job. “How many people get to talk to executives and managers at some of the leading companies in the country every day?” she asks, “I do!”

“Esse quam videri. (To be, rather than to seem.)” – North Carolina’s motto

Even as a child, Caroline had big aspirations. “I wanted to be John Lennon,” she says, “I didn’t really understand that The Beatles were people playing fictionalized versions of themselves. So I thought John Lennon was a really cool character like Pete Venkman or Jerrica Benton.” When she’s not connecting with powerful decision makers, a day in the life of Caroline generally includes one of her three favorite activities: “Travelling, cooking and napping. Not necessarily in that order.” And when the time comes to relax with a boozy beverage, she prefers to kick back with a classic — a Manhattan, on the rocks. We’ll drink to that!