Emily McCormick

Marketing Research Analyst

We love a good story here at Delucchi, especially if it means reuniting with a beloved intern in a brand new context. After graduating from Towson University in 2014, Emily interned with us as a Content Creator, where she fell in love with agency life. Before coming back to her Delucchi family, she worked at Envision as a Marketing Communications Coordinator. One of the things she loves best about her current position is feeling like a ‘data detective’ – mostly because she gets to dig for clues and collect them to tell a bigger story about her clients.

“Believe in your dreams… they are ready and waiting to come true.”

Agency work aside, in her free time you can find Emily taking local improv classes, or kicking back with a Magic Hat #9 while watching Law & Order: SVU. When she’s feeling adventurous, Emily likes to go on nature hikes (weather permitting) and reward herself with one of her favorite guilty pleasures: a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese.