Emily Parekh

Senior Account Manager

With nearly a decade of client experience and go-getter attitude, Emily is always ready to dive right in to client management. As a Senior Account Manager for Delucchi Plus, Emily masterfully guides projects from start to finish, applying the goal-oriented competitive spirit cultivated in her childhood: “As a kid, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer because I loved swimming,” says Emily. “I was a varsity swimmer in college at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.”

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself”

– Amelia Earhart

Having earned a B.A. in philosophy with a minor in politics, Emily hit the ground running with real estate marketing and advertising, and has been managing full-service accounts ever since. When Emily isn’t driving success for clients, she enjoys spending time with her kids, winding down with a glass of Champagne, or if she really has the time, satisfying her inner adrenaline junkie with zip lining or skydiving.