Heather Kon

Account Manager, PR

Heather has always been good at contextualizing: As a kid, she could see an entire room and imagine how she would change it, and dreamt of one day becoming an interior designer. In her role as an Account Manager, she still strives to think big-picture: “I love being a part of a process from beginning to end,” says Heather. “Shepherding the process is so rewarding.” This University of North Carolina at Wilmington grad assists in all steps of the account management process: from client communication to strategic planning and creative kick offs.

“The cure to boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

– Dorothy Parker

Outside of work, Heather spends time scoping out new restaurants, cooking, doing yoga, or volunteering at The Humane Society. She tries not to sweat the small stuff, and brings her hard working and positive attitude to combat one of the things she hates the most: pessimism. (And cotton balls. She hates those too.)