Lance Hayden

Senior Art Director

Lance may be trained in the traditional fine arts, but don’t think that prevents him from geeking out over CSS transforms or other pixel related minutiae. The admitted pop culture lover and Justin Timberlake enthusiast (don’t even get him started on MTV’s canceled-too-soon reality hit, “The Hills”) can wax poetic on the day’s latest television or Top 40 hit while also crafting famously obscure alternative music playlists and translating old-school art techniques into cutting-edge design. The takeaway? He’s part old-school, part new wave but 100% nerd.

“Simplicity, wit, and good typography.”

– Michael Bierut

His ability to integrate traditional fine arts with today’s technology has carried him through diverse gigs including art director at Spacenet — a managed networks service provider — and at Classic Glass, where he helped design installations at the historic 6th & I Synagogue, Georgetown University and the Newseum. The most surreal professional moment to date: Seeing D.C.’s Metro Center Metro station plastered in his “Americans for George” signage. Though Lance makes it look easy to transition across techniques and technologies, that’s just one of his many talents: “There’s no easy button for design,” he says, tactfully reminding us that not all “computer things” — whether building websites or formatting Word documents — are the same.