Melissa DiMercurio

PR Account Manager

It’s a fact: Melissa just gets stuff done. Instead of receiving yearbook superlatives in high school, she was the brains behind the entire operation: Yearbook Editor in Chief (“That probably describes me better than any superlative could,” she admits with a grin). She spun her natural proactivity into an illustrious PR career that kicked off in Manhattan and eventually garnered her a Hermes award for a coveted client placement in the Wall Street Journal.

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Melissa has already seen her fair share of stunning work accomplishments: She once placed three clients in the same Washington Post article and, in just one month, landed a client in both the WSJ and So how does a PR maven unwind at the end of a long day? For Melissa, it’s with a margarita on the rocks and quality time with her two new kittens. And maybe the occasional Justin Timberlake concert — “I am his number one fan, and have loved him ever since he was a part of the Mickey Mouse Club.” So have we, Melissa. So have we.