Mike Leimbach

Art Director

Hal Foster. Roy Lichtenstein. Mike Leimbach. All creative legends in their own right. For the latter, what started as an affinity for cartoons and the illustrators that created them has seamlessly transitioned into a creative career. As Art Director, Mike has the pleasure of exercising his creativity every day, whether it’s perfecting the identity for a new brand or crafting International Telly Award-winning work, such as his TV spot for Washington Gas.

“I would never join any club that would have me as a member.”

But creativity isn’t just an overflowing well of ideas. As Mike puts it: “It takes time to be creative, and in reality, we can’t do good work without good research.” Sometimes that research requires working a little late with some inspiration from his beverage of choice: Talisker single malt scotch. Beyond his creative endeavors, Mike loves the camaraderie cultivated by the creative team, and the rest of us love the comic relief he provides every day — even the challenging ones.  When the going gets tough, you can count on Mike (and his incomparable collection of Chuck Taylors) to still make you chuckle.