Ralph Thompson

Chief Strategy Officer

Put simply, Ralph always wanted to be rich in mind and hopefully in the pocketbook. The driving force? “So that I could live well and do good things for people.” The former CPA, banker, and ad man-turned entrepreneur now does both, making good on early aspirations by helping hundreds of brands — as notable as McDonalds, Mercedes Benz and IBM — tell their story through thoughtful, well-integrated online marketing strategies. Ralph’s approach to brand strategy is informed by years of building, acquiring and selling businesses across sectors, as well as his role as COO of the Martin Agency, which was once recognized by Adage as the most creative agency in the world.

Successful at an early age, Ralph was making regular presentations to an NYSE Regional Banking board by the age of 30, helped design the creation of Capital One Bank, and guided a team to win the coveted Florida Tourism business for a remarkable 15 years. As far as helping people goes, the proof is in the pudding: Ralph’s skills have been recognized with a Tennessee Tourism Roundtable Gladiator Award for Outstanding Tourism Leader in the State, as well as by The Central Virginia Boys Club for conceiving and producing the Brandermill Golf Classic that raised more than $50,000 — not too shabby!

This snappy dresser has perfected the living well part, too. A “functioning golfoholic,” Ralph’s spare time is spent negotiating a nine iron, traveling to far-off lands and sipping a big bold Cabernet — all preferably in the company of his family and grandchildren. Perhaps the best part of living the good life is Ralph’s ceaseless passion for demonstrating the real value of effective communications, from a first impression to point of purchase or opinion persuasion.

Today, he furthers that goal as Chief Strategy Officer, specializing in digital media. In this role, Ralph revels in creating smart client solutions that deliver measurable bottom line results, as well as building strong, long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients.