Girl Scout Cookie Program + ABC Bakers

ABC Bakers (“ABC,” part of Interbake Foods LLC), the oldest and most experienced licensed Girl Scout Cookie baker, brought on Delucchi Plus to help increase cookie sales and gain market share over their competitor bakery. ABC was eager to emphasize its many unique selling points that help Girl Scout councils and volunteers maximize sales: innovative tools like a mobile app, alternative snacks like gluten-free and vegan cookies, superior customer service, and above all, taste test-winning cookies.

We started with a robust Retention Program to make existing customer councils more aware of ABC’s unique features such as its technology tools (including SNAP, COCO Cookie Coomand, COCOmobile and COCOdirect), training resources (including Smart Cookie U, Rally Guides, the Volunteer Magazine and various webinars) and recognitions program. Our goal is to elevate ABC’s online community as a place where volunteers and councils can share ideas and tools that improve the cookie sales experience. Our program leverages a comprehensive content strategy – from social media contests to engaging imagery and video content – to remind volunteers and councils of the benefits of using ABC Bakers. The key to success? A Social Media Playbook that provides creative guidelines for a consistent and effective online engagement fueled by great content.

The second prong of our strategy is a lead nurturing program targeting non-ABC councils and volunteers by promoting ABC’s superior products, sales tools and customer support. Central to our strategy is a Cookie Sales Kit containing the essentials of a delicious (and ABC Bakers-branded) Girl Scout cookie moment, designed as a fun way to taste-test cookies and learn about all of the bakery’s unique services and features.

Part of this approach involved launching the social presence for ABC’s “star” cookie, the Lemonades. In celebration of the Lemonades’ 10th anniversary, we created a Facebook Page and Twitter profile to educate consumers about the cookie’s exclusivity to ABC, show them where to buy the cookies (by directing them to the ABC council nearest them), and to demonstrate consumer demand for ABC products to non-ABC councils.


Just a few months into our Lemonades campaign on Facebook and Twitter, and we’re already seeing stunning results. As of this posting, the Facebook page has already gained more than 100,000 page likes from our efforts, and we continue to grow at a rate of more than 3,200 likes per week. On Twitter, we’ve seen a jump of more than 2,000 followers and an average engagement rate of 0.41% (well above the standard 0.1 – 0.3%). The top question we’re receiving: “Where can I buy Lemonades cookies?”