Johnson & Johnson’s HEALTHYDAY App

The HEALTHYDAY app, created by McNeil Consumer Health (a Johnson & Johnson company), was still in the process of finalizing core functionalities but needed to get started on marketing materials to make its launch. Delucchi Plus was engaged to help bring the HEALTHYDAY app to life — from articulating its core functions and crafting a narrative to website design and app launch.

To begin, we met with key stakeholders across the board to define the HEALTHYDAY app, creating messaging largely in tandem with product development. This process required swift action and a lot of open communication between teams — Delucchi Plus spent time working with the development team to understand what the HEALTHYDAY app features were, how they worked together, and how to craft that information into narrative about the entire app experience and what it means for consumer, all while incorporating the pre-established brand tone. Working in tandem with other teams, we designed and developed a landing page ( that clearly defines the HEALTHYDAY and entices people to download.

Once the HEALTHYDAY brand came to life, our mission was to increase awareness and secure app downloads. To do this, Delucchi Plus developed and deployed a targeted Facebook mobile app install ad campaign. Mobile app install ads drive mobile app installs with just one click from ads that appear within users’ Facebook feeds. After thorough segmentation, Delucchi Plus narrowed the HEALTHYDAY core audiences and began running mobile app install ad campaigns as of mid-June 2015.


After finalizing the product, Delucchi Plus articulated the functionalities of the HEALTHYDAY app and married that with the pre-established brand tone to bring the story of HEALTHYDAY to life.

HEALTHYDAY is an iOS app that helps people outsmart cold, flu and allergy season: Using a patent-pending algorithm, HEALTHYDAY gathers data from the same trusted sources that doctors and hospitals use and then cross-references information with local, crowd-sourced data to determine what’s trending nearby. Complete with My HEALTHYDAY Map, Illness Alerts and Trends, as well as helpful 30 Second Solutions, HEALTHYDAY is the most data-rich local health resource available to consumers today.

As a result of the month-long targeted Facebook mobile app install ad campaign, we secured a total of 6 million impressions, 18,400 ad engagement clicks and 2,845 actual app downloads, bringing awareness and consumer engagement to HEALTHYDAY’s platform.