North Bethesda Market

North Bethesda Market is a mixed-use development in Rockville, Maryland. JBG approached Delucchi Plus to develop the brand story in the pre-development phase to help the retail brokers attract tenants to an emerging area in Rockville. The challenge was to tell the story of a pedestrian-friendly community that would eventually be an extension of Bethesda and walking distance to the Metro. Our team helped to develop the name, brand positioning, story, and brand guide. We also created a public relations campaign to communicate with the community, government, and local stakeholders about the community during the construction and entitlement phase. In Phase two, we worked with the developer to lease up the residential apartments in the community by developing individual campaigns to attract renters to this new community in North Bethesda.


  • Phase 1: We successfully developed new brand story that helped to attract all the early retailers such as Whole Foods to the community.
  • Phase 2: We successfully deployed a community awareness campaign that established alignment with residents, the developer, and local government officials.
  • Phase 3: Our lease-up campaign helped the community lease 80% of the homes in 12 months.