Peterson Companies Lifestyle Centers

Delucchi Plus serves as the agency of record for four lifestyle centers developed by the Peterson Companies, including Downtown Silver Spring, Washingtonian Center, Fairfax Corner and Virginia Gateway. We were engaged to create a unified brand for all four centers.

We have designed distinct but consistent websites for all four entities, have advanced the social media presence — including the addition of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Google+ — for each, and launched an overall media relations campaign. In so doing, we’ve created a unique identity and positioning for each center to inspire customer loyalty in each region. Specifically, we’ve implemented seasonal campaigns to support high-traffic holidays, have leveraged the existing social media audience to expand reach and heighten engagement, and have supported on-site events through our digital marketing efforts. In all, our involvement includes media outreach, marketing, digital public relations, social media, and website SEO.


Results to date include more than $500K in earned media and building a robust social media presence as well as ongoing event attendance.