An historic and iconic property on the East Side of Manhattan, StuyTown (formally known as Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town) contracted Delucchi Plus to review and refresh its branding and online marketing efforts. Weary from brand fatigue after four rebrands in as many years, StuyTown’s main goals were three-fold: 1) to increase leads of qualified apartment renters, 2) to keep current renters longer, and 3) to improve StuyTown’s reputation in New York and beyond.

Our in-depth research leveraged insights from over 2,000 survey respondents, stakeholder interviews, online reviews, blog articles, and social media mentions to identify StuyTown’s audiences and their prevailing sentiments about the property. By examining and comparing different pieces of data using powerful information visualization tools, we were able to discover unique and surprising trends about StuyTown and its people.

We used this primary research to inform next steps for the brand, supporting our creative and marketing recommendations with a solid foundation of data. Our research led to a consolidated, refreshed “StuyTown” brand that embraced the property’s wide name recognition, and a marketing and content strategy that leverages positive sentiment towards StuyTown and the features that make it stand out in the crowded New York market. This comprehensive strategy included highly targeted online ad campaigns and an informed approach to content that improves StuyTown’s rendering in search results through thoughtful, useful online content.


Our research-based creative recommendations were a hit, and the refreshed StuyTown brand can already be found around the property grounds. Our marketing and content strategy was implemented this spring, and we are eagerly (and optimistically) awaiting the initial results. Check back soon for more!