July 17, 2014

The Power of Creative Sabbaticals


If only we could all be like graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. Every seven years he shuts down his design studio in NYC for a whole year in order to take a creative exploratory sabbatical. He believes that the work that comes out of his sabbatical flows back into the company and benefits his clients and the world at large. Check out his TED talk on the power of time off.

While most people can’t afford to take a whole year off, I think creative exploration should be a vital part of any designer’s process. Sometimes as employees we get bogged down in the day-to-day deadlines and performance for our clients and we forget to take the time just to experience and explore the world around us. Taking that time, I believe, in turn benefits not only our mental health but our work output and creative ideas.

I recently took a week off and completely unplugged from work to travel Italy, experiencing the culture and art of a beautiful country. For me,  getting to see some of the amazing work of the renaissance was so inspiring and made me challenge myself to become better at what I do. Even though it was only a week,  I felt changed with a new attitude on life and work upon my return.