November 3, 2016

Real Estate Brand Launch: ORE 82


There are few things more gratifying in agency life than watching a brand you created come to life. Moodboards and creative concepts are always inspiring, but nothing gets our hearts beating like watching our work live and thrive in real life where people can interact with it across multiple touch points.

We’re very proud of our collaboration with real estate property manager Greystar on its new apartment building ORE 82, which recently opened in the Capitol Riverfront. Here’s a look at how we conceptualized this one-of-a-kind brand identity:

The Vision

Early in the project’s development, we met with Greystar and R2L Architects for a vision session to align the brand we were creating with the clients’ goals and aspirations for the building. We heard several words repeatedly: simple, modern, industrial, comfortable, approachable and flexible. The clients wanted someone to walk in and think, “I can live here.” And they wanted a huge emphasis on the materials and patterns that R2L planned on using throughout the building. From there, we presented a moodboard that was quickly approved, with the tagline “Let Your Life In.” That’s when the fun began.

The Breakthrough

As our Senior Art Director Lance Hayden puts it, “what really struck us about Greystar’s vision for the building was the commitment to providing a peaceful environment for the residents and the large, open floorplans.” That commitment immediately inspired our creative thinking, and “we started viewing the floorplans, amenities and attention to detail as a blank slate for residents to design their own lives.”

Drawing inspiration from the massive popularity of so-called “grown-up coloring books,” we explored a sketch treatment of ORE 82’s renderings, neighborhood map, D.C. skyline views and popular neighborhood establishments. The final visual direction doesn’t just engage people- it involves them. It draws them into the world of ORE 82 and creatively invites them to imagine their lives and aesthetics impressed upon the existing, classic blank slate.

Greystar immediately embraced this brand direction and let us run with it.

The Execution

Every consumer touch point of ORE 82 needed to be fun and interactive. Our team created original illustrations of the apartment interiors, elevations, views from the rooftop and local hangouts such as Blue Jacket Brewery, Nationals Park and Ice Cream Jubilee. We then used these illustrations in everything from their construction fence signage to their brochure.


We even created a coloring book of all of the illustrations, and gave copies away with Prisma colored pencils in ORE 82’s brand colors. The brand continues throughout the building with the signature geometric shapes on the glass of the leasing office and in the unit identifiers. We even created a wall in the leasing office with illustrations that people can color in while they wait!


ORE 82’s brand had to stay consistent outside of its on-site materials. We created thoughtful, curated social media content that continues to subtly build off the coloring book theme while spotlighting the property’s prime location and premier amenities.

ORE 82 opened in mid-October and is already leasing up quickly.

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