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Ingenious Event Marketing Breaks The Fourth Wall

I’ve had a serious case of fatigue with event marketing (particularly pertaining to movie/music releases) of late. It seems like the default approach is to simply try to saturate the media with a copious quantity of slightly varying ads … Read More

How To Harness Virality In Event Marketing

It’s increasingly more difficult for marketers to brainstorm new ways to market events. This is particularly evident for sports marketers, who feel the unyielding pressure to be original and fun for every game. One sports marketing department that has … Read More

The Event Evolution

Event-evangelist and CEO of SocialTables, Dan Berger, recently made some serious predictions regarding the future of event-planning to include:

  • the replacement of audiences with brand ambassadors or fans,
  • the rise of crowd-funded content and its use in the social space
  • the … Read More

Let The Guessing Games Begin: iPhone 6 On Its Way

Today, Apple sent out keynote invitations to the media, ushering in a full two weeks of rampant conjecture about what possible new feature the rumored iPhone 6 will boast. On September 9 at 10 a.m. PT, Apple will unveil its … Read More