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Live Más On Instagram

(Photo credit: “Taco Bell,” by flickr user Mike Mozart via Attribution 2.0 License)

Since the rise of the importance in social media in marketing, we’ve seen countless articles posted each week about brands using hashtags badly and other social … Read More

Prynt Is Only As Good As Its Social Strategy

(Photo: Prynt company website, via

There’s something poetic about being able to take a picture and have a physical copy in your hand moments after it was taken. I’m talking about instant cameras and how they’re making a … Read More

Emerging Social Channel: Snapchat

As marketers and communicators, it’s our job to deliver messages wherever our audiences may be. If our target audiences happen to be of the Gen Z/Millenial demographic, then we know that core social channels like Facebook and Twitter may no … Read More

How the NBA’s Digital Strategy is Taking Over the World

The NBA’s All-Star Weekend marked the beginning of new commissioner Adam Silver’s tenure, with former commish David Stern stepping down after 30 years on the job.  Silver has been vocal in his lofty goals for the growth of the … Read More