February 15, 2017

That’s My Jam: Brand Design & Aesthetics Worth Pinning


About a year ago, I was making my way through the wine store to the more moderately priced section (i.e., the $20 and under aisle) when I stumbled upon a bottle that caught my eye. Not because of the price, but because of the branding design on the twist-off cap. It had a really simple but tasteful pattern on the top and when I saw it I thought to myself, “That’s a cute design, I like that.” Which ultimately led me to buy said bottle.

According to the Journal of Business & Financial Affairs, a study showed that product aesthetics often affect consumer behavior when it comes to decision making and purchasing products. The study said, “Aesthetics has become such an important aspect in our lives that some people even believe that Aestheticism is everything, or packaging is the product. The selection of the product highly depends on the package of the product.”

When I returned to that same wine store a year later, going through the same lower-cost wine selection, I found the bottle with the design that caught my eye. I immediately remembered how I not only enjoyed the design, but also I enjoyed the product itself.

After some investigation, I have learned that this brand is not only stylish, but that it also capitalizes on a lot of aspects used by one of my personal favorite media platforms – Pinterest. Jam Jar Wines utilizes branding design in its beverage marketing to not only create a brand worth pinning, but also a brand that lends itself into a larger consumer lifestyle.


Photo courtesy of @jamjarwines

Jam Jar’s memorably minimalist design isn’t all that’s impressive. The brand also carries this aesthetic throughout the rest of its website. Its very Pinterest-worthy product is exemplified through photography, recipes and blog tabs on its website. Jam Jar is keen on showcasing tasty images of featured cocktails, and it consistently uses the same pattern throughout its website, clearly taking a lot of pride in wine that is “sweet perfection.”

The brand voice is playful and concise, and obviously caters to the right audience, considering it captured my attention right off the bat. Jam Jar has curated content that coincides perfectly with its bright product design. From cocktail recipes, to serving suggestions, to their favorite pairings, the company makes it clear that it cares about how the product is perceived, and wants to provide a good consumer experience.


Photo courtesy of @jamjarwines

This branding doesn’t just stop at the website. It also carries over to Instagram and (of course) Pinterest. Jam Jar’s images and content go along with themes of traveling and exploring new food, recipes and even home décor. By this point, the brand’s social media seems to become more than just a way to advertise their product – it showcases a certain lifestyle that attracts consumers like myself. Jam Jar’s has created a persona for itself that it is not only a fun brand, but that has desirable products.

How can just a wine bottle attribute itself to such a broad brand scheme? Sometimes it’s the brand design details that matter the most. Never underestimate the power of product design – especially in marketing.