December 15, 2015

TravelAdvisor’s Top Trends for 2016


TripAdvisor just released its 2016 Travel Trends TripBarometer report and it’s chock full of interesting travel marketing information. The report, a measurement among customers and business owners to assess behaviors and needs of global travelers, provides insight into how travelers make decisions when planning a trip. This year’s study pays special attention to the differences in travel behaviors between three generations — Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers — of which there were many.

While much of the report reaffirms trends that we have been seeing over the past couple of years (newsflash: most travel planning and booking happens online), some of the differences in behavior and priorities between generations are great takeaways for marketing to these individual audiences.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • One third of travelers will increase their travel spend in 2016
  • Australians are budgeting the most for travel in 2016 (followed by the Switzerland and the U.S.).
  • Travelers are seeking new experiences: 74% of all people surveyed said “Going somewhere I’ve never been before” is an influence in booking travel (and 80% of Millennials).
  • In booking accommodation, price is the most important factor considered, followed by ratings and reviews. But amenities and location also rank high amongst Millennials and Generation X.
  • When picking a destination, cheap flights attract Millennials the most, while older generations are more drawn to offers on accommodations.
  • Air conditioning, in-room WiFi and breakfast are the top 3 must-have amenities globally.
  • 7 in 10 travelers want to try something new in 2016, and Millennials are especially focused on adventure travel.
  • 37% of hoteliers plan to introduce new services/amenities for free in 2016.
  • 88% of hoteliers are offering free in-room WiFi.

Read the full report here, or check out TripAdvisor’s 6 Key Travel Trends based on this report, and be sure to keep this new data in mind when setting your travel marketing strategy for 2016!