October 11, 2016

Two Brands. Better Together.

Delucchi Plus Street Sense

We’re joining forces with Streetsense, now the most informed strategy and design collective anywhere.

It’s not often in this life that you find the perfect yin to your yang. The Simon to your Garfunkel. The Poehler to your Fey. The Timberlake to your Fallon. The Brad to your Angeli—oh wait, scratch that last one. You get the picture.

After years of going head-to-head with Streetsense—the experience-focused strategy and design collective that creates brands people love and places they love to be—we said hey, wait a second: By joining forces, we can be better than we are individually and different from any other company in the marketplace. The Streetsense suite of services—from physical site selection to retail environment and concept—combined with our research, insights and content marketing capabilities, will increase our collective I.Q. and allow us to create stronger and deeper brand experiences from conception to ongoing engagement. We liked the sound of that.

We liked it so much we put a ring on it: Today officially marks our first as part of a larger and more informed strategy and design collective firmly focused on end-user experiences and delivering measurable, transformative results for our clients. Together, we have an unparalleled depth of understanding, expertise, and engagement, enabling us to connect with customers and consumers at an entirely different level.

We’re thrilled for LOTS of reasons, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • A broader perspective on how consumers experience brands, both online and onsite.
  • The ability to add value throughout the customer’s entire journey, from the retail strategy and built environment to ongoing content, public relations and digital marketing efforts. You might say we can now impact the totality of consumer touch points. We call it a win-win.
  • Stronger, deeper and more informed brand experiences as a result of having insights into both physical and digital worlds.
  • The power to drive transformational results through our collective knowledge of the customer’s needs that inform our content, engagement and lead generation strategies.

So why now? The world is evolving—and we want to be well-positioned to define the future of brand experience. Omni-channel retail offerings are eclipsing strictly e-commerce or bricks-and-mortar business models and people are seeking authentic experiences at every lifestyle touch point, both online and off. We must be able to immerse consumers in the brand story in the physical space, translate the conversation seamlessly online, and measure our impact in a meaningful way.

Defining the future of brand experience is no small task. We may not have all the answers today, but here’s what we do know: We are building a best-in-class talent house unlike anything else in Washington, DC. We are focused on achieving operational excellence. We are committed to advancing DC’s creative community, continuing to understand the evolved experience economy, and—above all—to making an impact on consumer brands.

Washingtonians have known for years that the District is quickly becoming a destination for trendsetters, tastemakers and consumer trail blazers. Now, as the most significant collective of creative intelligence in the Washington, DC market, we’d love to think we’re accelerating and solidifying that reputation as we continue to expand our presence not only in DC and Bethesda but New York City, San Francisco, and for clients across the globe.

Plus, it just made sense. (See what we did there?)

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