September 3, 2015

Visualize This: Brand Messaging Platforms


Brand messaging platforms are one of the most important components of a well-developed brand — but sometimes the most difficult element to explain. Put simply, a brand’s platform is the collection of key messages that together tell the brand story. I’ve written about brand messaging platforms before, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words — and in this case, a picture can also help illustrate how everything from a tagline to a vision statement work together to tell one succinct narrative.

One challenge many clients face is breaking down their brand story into its individual elements. It’s human nature to want to be heard, and it’s natural to want to tell the WHOLE brand story in every line of that story…every time. The problem? Such verbose stories can be hard for consumers to digest! That’s where we come in to identify the components and ensure that each is unique and ladders back up to one story and one concise about statement. Like the individual planks and pieces that make up a physical stage or platform, a brand’s key messages, vision statement, mission statement, positioning statement, proof points, value propositions and tagline all work in tandem. Here’s a handy set of definitions to understand each piece of the story:

  • Key messages: The who/what of your brand in the simplest terms possible.
  • Vision statement: The BIG picture; world-changing goal to which you aspire.
  • Mission statement: What you do or provide to realize that vision.
  • Positioning: Your most distinct competitive advantage and point of differentiation.
  • Proof points: The defendable facts that back-up each of the above.
  • Value propositions: Relevancy to each target market.
  • Tagline: The essence of the brand.